Welcome to Sandmines Productions.

Sandmines Productions is located in Ontario, Canada, and is just me.
Corlang is my toy c-like language. Corlang is currently in production. It supports generic functions / generic objects / func pointers that are member of objects, constructors and destructors.
Inline c code is allowed and can directly call c-functions, access variables of regular corlang code.
You can also specify - @c_type "sometype" to tell corlang that sometype is a c type and to treat it as such.
You can specify c-headers to use in the compiled code.
Corlang compiles to c-code.
Corlang can allow you to specify that a function should be treated as a c-function. (No name mangling, generally allows this function to be called from c-code).
@CL_TYPE_OF(some_var) is implemented and can be used to create variables that are of the same type as some_var.
Copyright (C)2021 by Brad Bobak and Sandmines Productions.