Sandmines Productions is in Ontario, Canada, and is just me.
CorLang is my toy programming language based on C. (It actually outputs c-code after applying stuff for objects with functions, generic objects, generic functions, function pointers (as members of objects or not), and other things). CorLang is in development and is my main focus at this time.

Cor64 is my toy operating system. Its currently not in progress because I'm working to get CorLang stable enough to use for my OS.
CorLangGraphics is a simple widget library written in CorLang. This is somewhat of a low priority, but I do work on it at times.
CorLangLib is just a corlang library which provides the basics. (threading, time manip, events, etc).
CorLangELib is corlangs extended library which provides higher level stuff such as event dispatching, thread management, network management, etc. Its made to supplement CorLangLib. CorLangELib uses a event-based model where objects wait for events (network packet recieved, etc.) and then processes accodingly.
Copyright (C)2022 by Brad Bobak and Sandmines Productions.